Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Brazil Update #1 - God is on the move!

We are on the ground in Brazil and having a GREAT time! God is moving in our midst! I preached in a church Sunday night and led the church through some freedom ministry. Then we prayed for physical healing and saw multiple people healed! One was a lady from a Terena Amazon tribe who is a person of peace for her tribe. I had a word of knowledge about an arm with a lot of pain, that was difficult to move. She came up for prayer and the Lord completely healed her!! She is serving us by making a lot of our meals, so we´ve been able to continue to check on her, and her arm is doing great! A boy was healed of a headache and sore throat; another man with pain in his knees. Then we prayed for a man with a very swollen hand and I literally felt the swelling go down under my hand as we prayed. So awesome!!
We are now out among the Terena Amazon tribe and are actually going to have a church service in the chief´s house tonight. We expect most of the village to come. Chris is going to share and then we will minister to the people.
Thursday night we have an invitation to come to a tribe that has no church among them and has never had a team come, as far as we know. Please pray for us and for them!

Sarah, Chris, Davy, & Selah

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