Monday, August 20, 2012

Almost Time To Go!

It's hard for me to believe that we've almost finished the first half of DTS!  In ten short days, we're jumping on a plane to fly to Brazil!

The lecture phase of DTS has been a whirlwind of experiences, complete with things like hearing from Peter Xu, the incredibly humble mentor of the Heavenly Man, who has been imprisoned 5 times for his faith.  This week, we're learning about evangelism from a father-son team from South Africa.  They sold all their possessions 9 years ago, in obedience to the Lord, and have been travelling the world sharing the gospel in many different nations.

We are getting really excited about our time in Brazil.  We will be in country from Aug 30 - Nov 8.  Our cell phones won't work (we're not that tech-savvy yet) but we will have email and Skype.  We are excited to have opportunities to do evangelism on the streets, help equip the Terena tribe to share with and disciple other Amazon tribes, as well as do some teaching in churches and schools, and a lot of prayer walking in the city!
Selah & Daddy practicing for Brazil

We'd love it if you'd help cover us in prayer while we're gone.  Your prayers are vital and we really feel them!   Please pray as the Holy Spirit leads but here are a few suggestions.  :)
Key prayer points:
* Wisdom and physical energy for us as we lead the team along with another student, as well as good balance for our family life
* Transformation in us and in our team
* Safe, smooth travel (for some of the students, this is their first plane trip and first time to leave the country)
* Boldness as we share the gospel & for the release of healings and other miracles
* Health & safety

Davy praying in the mic during a class worship time

Kids with our friend and co-leader, Erik

Our DTS class

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