Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Brazil Update #2!

Hello friends!
We are continuing to see God do awesome things in Brazil. We had a meeting in a house last night, where around 30 Terena Indians and several pastors gathered. I shared out of 1 Peter and Acts 2 about the church as a body of believers (not a building!) and our role in ministering to each other. Afterwards, I shared a word of knowledge about people with pain in their noses and asked to pray for healing for anyone who was sick or in pain. The porch was crowded with folks who wanted prayer. We saw the Lord heal 5 people last night, including two with pain in their noses! All of the people who were healed had had the pain for many years. It was awesome to watch.
We are in town for the night to do a little shopping for essentials (like shoes for Selah - she grew out of hers and now she has a funky purple pair of Brazilian shoes - so cute!). Tomorrow, we head out to a new tribe where a team hasn´t been before. Please pray for us as we go. Pray for health over our team and for a productive time there. The team will be doing some hard manual labor, and we`ll be teaching a leadership seminar at night.
After a week in this tribe, we will return to the Terena`s to visit 7 different schools. We also hope to hold some meetings at night to teach on the Holy Spirit and minister healing. Please pray to prepare the way for the work that God wants to do there.
Please pray grace over us as a family. Life is definitely more challenging here. Our family is sleeping in one room, it`s hot, and it`s more challenging to keep things clean. It just gets wearing after a while. But we are happy to be here and excited at the work the Lord has.
Thank you for standing with us.

I will post some pictures as soon as I find my camera cord and have enough Internet!

Love you all!

Sarah, Chris, Davy, & Selah

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  1. Grace, grace to you guys! And so great to read your updates! Facebook me when you have a chance to skype!