Friday, June 22, 2012

Next stop, Brazil!

I'd like to introduce you to an Amazon tribal chief who has an enormous passion to see tribal people in Brazil have the opportunity to hear the good news about Jesus.  This man, chief of the Terenas, walked up to our DTS school leader on the streets of Brazil and initiated conversation with him.  That conversation led to an open invitation for us to come and train his tribal members to go to other tribes and share about Jesus.  What an incredible opportunity!  

We will spend 3 months with the Terena tribe, teaching them more about Jesus and His ways, and equipping them to go to remote tribes that are closed to outsiders.  They are eager to learn and even more eager to go!     

We leave for Brazil on August 29, and will be there until November 8.   Please pray for us on our trip and ask the Lord if He would have you partner financially with us.  Plane tickets and visas are approx $1500 each, and on-the-ground living expenses for our family is about $7000 for 3 months.  

Partnering with us financially is a tremendous opportunity for you to be a part of what God is doing among the Amazon peoples in Brazil.   We need your support and prayers - this work of the kingdom is a team effort (praying, supporting, going), and each team member is vitally important!    

If you'd like to give, we have set up Paypal to receive donations.  If you designate your gift as "personal", it will be a free transaction.   
Thank you!!  

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