Thursday, June 14, 2012

Four Days In

Our base in March
Wow, it has been busy and wild since we arrived in Kansas City!  We drove in Friday night, and got settled into our awesome 2 bedroom apt.  It is bigger than I was expecting, and it's such a blessing for the kids to have their own room!  Saturday was spent in orientation, and we visited Forerunner church on Sunday morning.

Classes began in earnest on Monday morning, and we have been super blessed to have Corey Stark from IHOP teaching us this week.  He has spent hours upon hours studying God's end time plan, and it's been amazing to see how simple it actually is.  The DTS (discipleship training school) begins with focusing on the 'end', so we can know our part in the big picture of God's plan.   Corey shared a lot about the merging together of prayer and missions, and how the end time church is called to intercede and to worship to help usher in God's Kingdom.

To give you an idea of our daily schedule, here is an example:
7 - 9 am   IHOP Prayer room
9am - noon  Teaching
noon  Lunch
1 - 3pm Work Duty/Outreach Prep/Small Group
3 -5 pm Special Topic/Work Duty/Prayer Room
5 pm Dinner
6:30 - 8:30pm Special Topics.
The schedule changes from day to day, and as you can tell, we're busy!  We don't always have evening sessions, and I pull back some in the afternoons to give the kids some rest time.
The kids are settling in great.  Davy has made a friend, and they played together great most of yesterday afternoon.  The other students love on the kids too.  Davy loves sharing a room with his sister.

God has provided a wonderful lady who comes to the YWAM base to stay with the kids while Chris and I are in class in the mornings.  They play outside on the 40 acres, do crafts, and play lots of Angry Birds.  She is an absolute God-send to us and we are so blessed to have her caring for our munchkins.

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