Thursday, June 9, 2011

Selah loves horses...and they love her!

I couldn't decide how to title this post.  Should I highlight Selah's new-found love for horses, or Jingle's deep affection for my children?  Take a look at the pictures, and maybe you can help me decide.

Selah started her weekend somewhat scared of the horses.  (They are considerably larger than her).  She scurried away from Jingle and hid under a chair on Saturday!  I rode with her on Tuesday evening and she has been hooked ever since!  She's ridden 3 times since then, and often looks towards the horses, makes a 'give me' sign with her hands, and calls to them.   Chris sees a pony in our future. 
Davy has had fun riding too.  We've taken several rides through the woods on my parents' place, and ventured a little into the National Forest last night.  Fun times!
But you see why I had trouble deciding on a title... :)

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