Saturday, November 20, 2010

Immune Boosters

It's learning curve time again.  I visited Selah's pediatrician on Thursday and she wanted to know what we were doing for immune boosters.  She gave me several recommendations and I wanted to pass them along to you!
I've actually made a little schedule so I can keep track of it all!  

Dr. Bain recommended the following:
Vitamin D3 - Fall/winter   800IU for the kids & 4000 for adults when healthy, 1600IU for kids and 8000 for the adults when sick.  I found some dots that dissolve quickly for Davy and Carlson's makes some drops for Selah.  I got the dots at Sprouts or Kroger and the drops at (thank you, Alicia!) 
Flu shot alternative - hooray!  an alternative to the flu shot!  Influenzinum (Boiron) is taken preventatively by everyone except Selah.  I found this at the Sunflower Shoppe, a local health food store. 
Selah will take King Bio Homeopathic Multi-Strain Influenza.  I found this at too.  If someone gets sick, you can up the doses to treat symptoms.
Briar Rose - Briar Rose is used for treating cold symptoms and it's an immune booster.  It's used preventatively 2-3 times a week and it is drops.  I got a bottle at the doctor's office, you could check your local health food store.  Dr. Bain said you could also take Elderberry or Echinacea.  I opted for Briar Rose since it's also a cold remedy.
Vitamin C - for good measure, we're also taking the good ole Vitamin C standby.   But read those labels!  The first bottle I bought had aspartame in it!!  sigh.

This is an ebook from a trusted source with lots of information.   A lot of the remedies in here can be found in your local health food store or ordered online from a place like VitaCost.  

I hope this information helps!  Let me know what you learn about natural ways to keep your family healthy!

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