Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fall from budget

Convenience foods are pricey!  I bought a few boxes of graham sticks (per D request plus they were on sale), some organic juice, some organic poptarts the hubby likes (also on sale), and a couple of other things (probably on sale too )... and watched my carefully planned grocery budget go up in smoke!  oops.  I did buy all of my meat for the month during this first half, but that only partially explains it...  
Two lessons learned - Go grocery shopping by myself!   A 'quick' stop after church with the entire fam yielded a much pricier trip and, even though we like this packaged stuff (HFCS free and mostly organic), it's cheaper to make it myself!
This budget overrun will translate to creative meals for us, especially towards the end of the month, as I make my items-on-hand s t r e t c h to meet our goal!  (Plus a little 'stealing' from the miscellaneous category for milk, eggs, & bananas).  I'll post any winner creative menu ideas we come up with (Chris is especially good at those!).

Look out tomorrow for "Celebrating Selah - 7 months old" - and some Davy pictures from when HE was 7 months old!  

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