Friday, August 27, 2010

Budget oh Budget

We just completed our first full month of living on a pretty strict budget.   And it went better than expected!  It was easier than I thought to say no to various things, and it just kept getting easier as the month went on.  One triumph area - we spent 50% less on eating out than we did the month before!  Woohoo!  Go us!  =)  AND that means we were eating healthier too!

All this budgeting led me to look up Dave Ramsey's "Baby Steps" (which actually feel like pretty big steps to me but that's beside the point).  Tracking it all through, being VERY careful on spending - we could have 2 paid off cars, no debt besides our house, and a basic emergency fund by next JULY!!!

And so I am motivated to save!!  I'm already thinking about Christmas.  I think I'd like my gift from my husband to be a payment towards our debt.  =)

What about you?  What's your current goal for your financial life??  (Don't feel like you have to leave a comment about it unless you want to but I want to encourage you to think about this!  A clear cut goal offers such motivation!)

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  1. Yay, go Falks!!! We took Dave's Financial Peace University course this spring & found it SO helpful!!!! We are now living on a budget, working on our baby steps & feel so much more peace about our financial future than we did before. We now have a plan and that is making a big difference!!