Wednesday, November 12, 2014

New season!

After a busy season serving at the new YWAM base in Kansas City, we are on the move again.  Our vision to use Aquaponics as a very practical way to serve people that are "food-poor" and need an opportunity to hear the Good News is still very much alive.  Chris has been studying Aquaponics online and working on a small unit behind our apt, but desires more in-depth training.  Bonnie Hanszen, one of the world's foremost experts in Aquaponics, has extended an invitation to him to come work with her.   Her mission statement very much aligns with ours.

One day, we hope to develop a ministry where our team 1) meets felt needs in practical ways (like Aquaponics), 2) preachs the gospel in meeting-style evangelistic crusades (and whatever way necessary!), and 3) equips church planters to facilitate rapidly multiplying church planting efforts.

So our next step is for Chris to become an Aquaponics expert!  To that end, we are moving back to Texas!   Bonnie lives twenty minutes from Grapevine, so we will land there for a season and are really excited to re-integrate with our dear friends, family, and church.

For those on our financial support team - thank you!!  We could not have ministered the last two years without you.  By the hand of God and to His glory, we are no longer in need of personal financial support.  December will be our last month to receive funds as part of YWAM staff.  However, we do welcome contributions to our ministry.  All monies given will be applied directly to ministry needs.  Details will be forthcoming on how to give.

Thank you!
Sarah, Chris, and the kids

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