Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Back - Healed!!

I am excited to share this testimony with you!  It actually happened about 7 years ago, but I received some medically verifable information this week, so I wanted to share!

At the time, I was training with an upper level dressage trainer, and having the opportunity to ride some really nice horses, like the guy pictured above.

During one of my lessons, my trainer told me that I wasn't going to be able to continue to ride these very expensive upper level horses, because I made them crooked just by sitting on them.  Since one of the foundational goals of dressage is straightness, that presented a real problem. 

I decided to visit a chiropractor to get checked out and the x-rays revealed a pretty severe C-curve in my spine.  (How this was missed in my school-years scoliosis check-ups, I have no idea).  No wonder I sat crooked on the horse!  At the time though, I was without a job or insurance and was about to get married.  Not good circumstances to begin regular chiro visits.

On the drive home, I prayed and asked God if He would heal my back.  A few weeks later, I asked Chris to  put his hand on my back and pray for me.  That ushered in one of the coolest God experiences I have ever had.  I went and laid down in my bedroom, and God literally adjusted my back for about 2 hours.  It was wild.  It didn't hurt much, but I felt a lot of pressure in my back and things were definitely moving around.  I was sore for the next couple of days, and then things were fine.

About six months later, I had another opportunity to ride with that same trainer.  Midway through the lesson, I asked her if I was making the horse crooked.  She looked at me, surprised, and said, "No, why would you think that?"  (She'd obviously forgotten our six month prior conversation!).  She was really excited when I shared what happened.

Last week, I visited a chiropractor here and was really curious to see what my back would look like.  She did a special scan (no x-rays!), and it revealed a nice straight back.  No C-curve to be seen!  God rocks. :)

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