Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Quick & Easy Lamp Transformation

One of my college roommates, Stacy, came to visit for a few days this past week, and in between feeding the kids, changing diapers, chasing kids, picking up toys, and feeding the kids yet again, she gave me some GREAT ideas for my house!

One of the easy ones to execute was this lamp.  It's been hanging above my dining room table for 2 years now and it never once occurred to me to put lamp shades on it.

Stacy has vision though, and a quick trip to Hobby Lobby for lamp shades and Joann's for ribbon yielded the goods.

I spent a little time with the hot glue gun while my sweet D sat next to me and wrote his FIRST ever 'letter'.  (It was a birthday card for his Grandpa - I hated to put it in the mail since it was his FIRST one!  But I know Grandpa will treasure it too. )

I'm excited at how well the lampshades turned out and how easy they were!  Want to see the pic again, just for fun?

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