Sunday, April 24, 2011

Thanks for praying - update on my Houston trip

Thank you for praying for me this week!  You've probably already seen the kid pictures from my week in Houston.  (If not, they're here)   I had a great time sharing at the different churches and I think my message really connected with the students.  I even met one lady who's interested in serving long term overseas with MUP.  It was also a week full of those little moments when you know God is with you.
Here's my list of the 'little things' that add up to a lot!
1. I had the perfect amount of travel time each night to get to each of my classes perfectly on time (through a wreck and rush hour Houston traffic!)
2. Even though my dvd that I used in class wouldn't function in 2 out of 3 computers, each church had an Internet connection so I could get it online instead.   This is the video - it's incredible information and well worth 5 minutes of your time).
3. They fed me dinner 3 out of 4 nights!
4. I got to listen to some great speakers at the classes - one of whom was Jimmy Dorrell.  He's with Mission Waco and Church under the bridge.  I took one of his classes as a college student and was really excited to run into him again.
5. Selah slept very happily in her nice dark room (supposed to be a bathroom but isn't finished yet) in the bungalow and slept till 10am two of the mornings!   Davy was sleeping in my parents' room so I actually got to SLEEP IN.  Amazing.
6. There was raw milk in my mom's refrigerator.  yum.
7.  I got to spend some wonderful time with God on my long-ish car trips into Houston and great time with Chris on the phone on the way home.
I had fun hanging out with my family, enjoying their company and gorgeous land, and I really liked meeting so many people from different churches who have a desire to be engaged in what God is doing in the earth.

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