Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Brag on my Boy

Brag on my boy
I do my best to keep junk food out of the house.  If it’s not there, we won’t eat it. =)  And if we don’t eat it regularly, when we do eat it, it generally tastes YUCKY!   Our bodies know what’s good for us.
Davy was getting ready to go spend some time with some of his favorite people.  His Gramps offered him a donut and he turned it down!  He said it wasn’t good, and he picked up a banana instead!  Yay! 
While he still won’t touch “Popeye apple juice” (Naked Juice’s Green Machine), I nonetheless think we’re making progress in the right direction!

Some interesting stats on sugar:  
"SUGAR: 1 can soda (12 t sugar) = 60% reduction in white blood cell activity for 4 hrs;
piece of apple pie w/ice cream (18 t sugar) = 85% reduction in wbc activity for 4 hrs; 
banana split (24 t sugar) = 92% reduction for 4 hrs. 
Months Oct-April known as cold/flu months. 7 reasons why: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Super Bowl, Valentine's, Easter." Dave Frahm
Hmm... I should rethink raiding Davy's Easter basket and continue to toss out his candy when he's not looking!  :)    I tried a Rolo tonight and actually spit it out in the sink because it tasted so bad!  I'm kind of bummed because I used to love those...

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