Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Time To Plant

I finally got around to planting the garden!  It's only been on my list for 3 weeks now...

But first, a quick update on my transplants.  They died.  All of them.  A nice man in the gardening center at Walmart told me they probably caught a fungus because I didn't use sterile mix.  Oh.  Important note to self: use sterile mix next time.  Or buy the seed trays with the little round dirt pods in them.

Today, I planted straight into the dirt.  It was nice.
I planted:
* asparagus roots.  The aforementioned nice man at Walmart suggested I plant roots from the King Jersey version (3 for $3!!) and I would get asparagus THIS YEAR instead of 2+ years down the road.  Sold!
* Bibb lettuce
* sweet corn (in 3 hills close together)
* prolific squash
* bell peppers

After I get more dirt, I'm going to plant ever-bearing strawberries and more peppers.
Happy gardening!

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