Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Our Birthday Party for Jesus

We had a lot of fun today hosting a birthday party for Jesus!  We read the Nativity story (sort of!  Reading a story can be a challenge with ages from 18m to 5 - it's really hard for them to sit still for even 15 seconds!)  Then we had cupcakes - of course! - sang Happy Birthday to Jesus, and then it was time for my favorite part.

Gifts for Jesus
As is tradition with birthday parties, the guest of honor receives gifts!  I took a picture of each kiddo, and then glued them onto a foam heart.  Then I punched a hole in the top and added a green twistie thing to turn it into an ornament.

We had a wonderful conversation about what gift Jesus wants most from us.  This was really important to me - I had read on another website suggestions for gifts for Jesus - things like making your bed and being nice to your sister.  Nothing wrong with those things - but they're not at the core of what Jesus wants.   (And, emphasizing that too much is a fast track to religion instead of relationship).

One 5 year old knew right away - "He wants our hearts!"  So we wrapped up our hearts in a gift bag for each child to take home and put under their tree.   So sweet!

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