Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We have cucumbers!!

We have cucumbers!!  Well, sprouts anyway.  And we planted them on Sunday!!!  
Take a look!
23 little plants!!

It's fun to have our bed finished and our first 3 little crops planted.  We planted cucumbers, peas, and beans. More crops will be added at the appropriate time.   Here's our finished beauty!  

The chocolate lasagna cake turned out yummy too!

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  1. I do want to note that we didn't end up using the vermiculite or the molasses. We weren't able to mix our soil with the Miracle Gro and just used the 10 bags of MG straight. We decided that the Miracle Gro people had probably formulated the dirt just the way it needed to be. We also noticed a six month guarantee - we like it or our money back! I cut out the bar codes in case we need to take them up on that offer...