Monday, July 19, 2010

Family time

We're back home from a week in Houston with my folks and have pictures to share!  It was an adventuresome time - we played in the pool, rode in the forest, found a number of dead spiders (black widow & otherwise), chased after the kids, and took lots of pictures!  Did I mention I'm exhausted?  I had some good laughs from a toad that repeatedly took up residence in my boot - I'm thankful he wasn't a snake!  (Do you get the sense that my folks live on the edge of the forest?  Where wild animals live?)  

Davy was a busy boy!  He drove the tractor (sitting in grandma's lap), studied bugs with the magnifying glass, dumped water on me in the pool, went hiking & riding, played hard, slept hard, and learned what sound his letters make!  This boy is working hard to learn to read!  Whatever will he do in kindergarten...

Selah kept us quite entertained as well - she is now engaging a LOT with the world around her.  She grabs anything she can reach and sticks it straight into her mouth.  She also spends a lot of her time smiling and laughing.  I can't get enough of her!


Jingle loves her carrot boy.

Is she not the most beautiful baby you have EVER seen?

Oh the joy!!

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  1. those shorts down to his knees are hilarious!